Rock crystal pendant
This rock-crystal pendant has a very special style - on the backside there is a natural chlorite layer which shines through the crystal and brings life and naturalness into the pendant.Important: The golden necklace is not included in the price, scroll down for a fitting necklace. Size: 3 cm x 2,5 cm (without eyelet) Location: Amertal by Mittersill (Salzburg)

Skeleton quartz sculpture
A 43 cm tall and 30,6 kg heavy skeleton quartz was build in a hollowed out tree. The tree is hollow inside and has a lamp build in, in this way the skeleton quartz is illuminated from underneath. A real eye-catcher! The stone was found in Rauris by the "Ritterkopf".The whole sculpture is 1,68 Meter tall and has a diameter of about 60 cm.  Size: 168 cm x 60 cm Location: Rauris

Smokey Quartz
This piece has very large crystals with a very dark color, which has a perfect contrast with the white rock. The biggest crystal is 7 cm long und 3 cm thick. Size: 14,5 cm x 12 cm Location: Galmihorn

Smoky quartz with actinolite base
A 40 cm tall and 29 kg heavy smoky quartz from Switzerland (Galenstock) on an actinolite base. In the base there is a lamp, which illuminates the crystal from underneatz. All together the sculpture is about 50 cm tall. Size: 50 cm Location: Galenstock (Smoky quartz), Bramberg (Actinolite)

Titanite cave
A replica of a titanite-cave, as everyone would want it! On the frontside of the cave is a glare-free glass pane. The cave consists of two parts - The frontside is a big green slate plate, which protrudes about 6-7 cm from the wall - this creates a nice conclusion to the actual cave. The frontside with the glare-free glass plate is about 87 cm tall and 70 cm broad. The backside is the actual cave, which could be hidden in a wall or built in in a box. The cave behind the frontside is 60 cm deep, 70 tall and 50 cm broad.With such a dream cave, even a loan can imagine the highlight of every mineral collector - the first glimpse into a mineral cave! The entire cave content was found at Wageralm in Felbertal (Mittersill, Salzburg, Austria). The cave contains white adular, black, granular chlorite, black tourmaline needles, green-yellow titanites and clear rock crystals. Size: 87 cm x 70 cm Location: Mittersill